What are the 4 Categories of Criminal Defenses in Texas?

Understanding Innocence in Legal Defense
When defendants claim innocence, they actively engage in a detailed preparation process. Witness statements and surveillance footage play a crucial role in verifying alibis. Employment, banking, and telecommunication records also prove vital in establishing the defendant’s location during the crime. In serious crimes like homicides, DNA evidence becomes a key factor. For handling such sensitive cases, especially involving violent crimes and theft and property crimes, Zuniga Law offers expert legal assistance.

Addressing Constitutional Violations in Defense
Defendants frequently confront Constitutional violations, such as improper Miranda warnings, illegal searches, or coerced confessions. These issues can lead to evidence becoming inadmissible or even to case dismissal. Zuniga Law specializes in scenarios like violation of probation and drug charges, where protecting Constitutional rights is crucial.

The Role of Self-Defense in Legal Proceedings
In cases involving self-defense, especially homicides or manslaughter, understanding local laws, like Houston’s “castle doctrine,” is essential. Zuniga Law offers expertise in domestic violence and weapons charges, where self-defense arguments are often key.

Navigating the Insanity Defense
Choosing the insanity defense involves admitting to the crime but disputing criminal responsibility due to mental incapacity. This approach requires specific legal knowledge and strategy. Zuniga Law’s expertise extends to handling juvenile crimes and cases involving mental health issues within the criminal context.

For a full spectrum of legal services, including handling federal charges, sexual offenses, and white-collar crimes, explore Zuniga Law’s practice areas. To contact them for a consultation, visit their contact page. Zuniga Law is committed to providing effective, tailored defense strategies, ensuring their clients receive the strongest legal representation possible.

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