Sexual offenses are categorized in four degrees based on their nature of severity. Crimes of this nature include rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, deviant sexual behavior, indecent exposure, sexual acts with mentally incapacitated people or minors, and forced sexual abuse of women or men of any age.

A sexual offense in the first degree can imprison the convicted for life, when that person forcibly has sex with another individual without their consent.

A sexual offense in the second degree is when a person forces himself or herself upon a mentally incapacitated person or minor, usually under 14 years of age, influencing them to commit a sexual act, which may involve the use of force and bodily harm.

A sexual offense in the third degree happens when a person over the age of 21 threatens a physically helpless person, a mentally incapacitated person or minor under 14 years of age with physical harm using dangerous weapons, commits strangulation or disfiguration during the act, inflicts serious injuries and endangerment of life. Such criminal acts are punishable by imprisonment not exceeding 10 years.

A sexual offense in the fourth degree happens when a person of authority commits a sexual crime against a minor. People in authority can include the school principal, vice-principal, student counselor, coach, or teacher at any private or public school.

Threatening weaker individuals or minors with physical harm, causing bodily injuries, and blackmailing them, after the sexual act are additional crimes that an individual can be charged with based on the evidence gathered.

A sexual offense conviction can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. A conviction can affect what type of job you can have, where you can live, and even your right to see or be with your own children.

Sexual offense charges in the state of Texas include:

There are many affirmative and mitigating defense arguments available for sexual crimes. Don’t let a sexual offense charge ruin your life.

If you are the unfortunate victim of a sexual crime, see what legal rights protect you. Filing a charge against the perpetrator of a sexual crime, and getting yourself legally represented is the first step.



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