Federal criminal cases are investigated by the following branches of the Federal government:

A federal crime is any act that is illegal under federal law. The defendant is prosecuted by the federal court

Violations committed by anyone in over 200 categories are considered Federal Crimes. Some of them are:

Certain federal crimes have no statutes of limitations. This means a person can be prosecuted decades after the crime has been committed. However, statute of limitations require that most federal crimes must be prosecuted within 5 years after the crime was committed.

Exceptions to crimes that can be prosecuted past the 5 year window are:

Certain state level crimes can be moved to Federal Courts based on the severity and complexity of the crime committed. 

This is decided by the State Court officials.

Several factors are taken into consideration when reviewing a federal criminal case.  A Federal judge takes into account the following: the criminal history of the defendant, the nature of the crime committed, the complexity or the level of the crime committed, and the damages caused. Based on the evidence available, the judge applies federal sentencing guidelines to arrive at a verdict.



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