An arrest warrant is issued by a judge on behalf of the state to authorize the arrest and detention of a citizen for a criminal or civil charge. It can be combined with the search and seizure of personal property. In Texas, an arrest warrant has no expiration and can be served at any time, any place. An arrest warrant can be served at your home, at your job, in public places, at private parties, or anywhere an officer may recognize you. Many people are unaware of outstanding warrants until they are actually arrested.


Here is how you can find out if there is an arrest warrant against you. Check your details on this website: Do not approach a police officer to check if there is an outstanding warrant against you. 

Always get legal representation first when you find out that you have an outstanding arrest warrant in your name.

A police officer can only arrest an individual if the officer has 1) Probable cause to arrest and 2) a valid arrest warrant. An officer has probable cause if there is hearsay about a violation of the law from more than one witness. Probable cause for an arrest can also be determined if the police officer witnesses a violation of the law by a person in public or private.

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