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Leading the pack of legal professionals in Houston, Texas, Baldemar (Val) Zuniga and his competent cadre of legal specialists stand ready to help you understand your options, guide you through the legal journey, and construct a powerful defense strategy on your behalf.

With a sense of pride, we approach each client with an attitude of respect, empathy, and understanding.

Given the varying complexities and potential penalties of criminal cases depending on the severity of the charges, we draw on our profound understanding of the law, meticulous attention to detail, and unparalleled negotiation skills. These resources enable us to seek the best possible outcome for your case, be it proceeding to trial, securing a dismissal, or negotiating a plea agreement.

Moreover, Val’s exceptional team has earned the respect and trust of clients through their unwavering professionalism and impeccable integrity. Far from being daunted by law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, or juries, we stay committed to your cause. Our mission is to tirelessly explore every viable avenue in defense of your rights.

We approach all our clients with respect, empathy, and understanding

The complexity of criminal cases varies widely, just like the potential penalties. These depend on the severity of the charges. Armed with a deep understanding of the law, we pay close attention to details. Moreover, our superior negotiation abilities allow us to strive for the best possible outcome. This could mean going to trial, securing a dismissal, or reaching a plea agreement.

Val and his team enjoy the respect of clients. This stems from their unwavering professionalism and integrity. We don’t fear law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, or juries. We are here to fight for you. We will pursue every possible avenue to build your defense robustly.

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